Hierarchical Clustering of Time-Series Data Streams

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Hierarchical Clustering of Time-Series Data Streams
This paper presents a time series whole clustering system that incrementally constructs a tree-like hierarchy of clusters, using a top-down strategy. The Online Divisive-Agglomerative Clustering (ODAC) system uses a correlation-based dissimilarity measure between time series over a data stream and possesses an agglomerative phase to enhance a dynamic behavior capable of concept drift detection. Main features include splitting and agglomerative criteria based on the diameters of existing clusters and supported by a significance level. At each new example, only the leaves are updated, reducing computation of unneeded dissimilarities and speeding up the process every time the structure grows. Experimental results on artificial and real data suggest competitive performance on clustering time series and show that the system is equivalent to a batch divisive clustering on stationary time series, being also capable of dealing with concept drift. With this work, we assure the possibility and ...
Pedro Pereira Rodrigues, João Gama, Jo&atil
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Type Journal
Year 2008
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Authors Pedro Pereira Rodrigues, João Gama, João Pedro Pedroso
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