Hierarchical Motion History Images for Recognizing Human Motion

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Hierarchical Motion History Images for Recognizing Human Motion
There has been a recent and increasing interest in computer analysis and recognition of human motion. Previously we presented an efficient real-time approach for representing human motion using a compact "Motion History Image" (MHI). Recognition was achieved by statistically matching moment-based features. To address previous problems related to global analysis and limited recognition, we present a hierarchical extension to the original MHI framework to compute dense (local) motion flow directly from the MHI. A hierarchical partitioning of motions by speed in an MHI pyramid enables efficient calculation of image motions using fixed-size gradient operators. To characterize the resulting motion field, a polar histogram of motion orientations is described. The hierarchical MHI approach remains a computationally inexpensive method for analysis of human motions.
James W. Davis
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Authors James W. Davis
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