High-Pass Quantization for Mesh Encoding

13 years 5 months ago
High-Pass Quantization for Mesh Encoding
Any quantization introduces errors. An important question is how to suppress their visual effect. In this paper we present a new quantization method for the geometry of 3D meshes, which enables aggressive quantization without significant loss of visual quality. Conventionally, quantization is applied directly to the 3-space coordinates. This form of quantization introduces high-frequency errors into the model. Since high-frequency errors modify the appearance of the surface, they are highly noticeable, and commonly, this form of quantization must be done conservatively to preserve the precision of the coordinates. Our method first multiplies the coordinates by the Laplacian matrix of the mesh and quantizes the transformed coordinates which we call “δ-coordinates”. We show that the high-frequency quantization errors in the δ-coordinates are transformed into low-frequency errors when the quantized δ-coordinates are transformed back into standard Cartesian coordinates. These low...
Olga Sorkine, Daniel Cohen-Or, Sivan Toledo
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where SGP
Authors Olga Sorkine, Daniel Cohen-Or, Sivan Toledo
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