High School Students and the Digital Age

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High School Students and the Digital Age
The computer revolution and Internet expansion in parallel with multimedia advancement have radically changed the way that knowledge is disseminated. All over the world researches and studies performed by educators, psychologists and technology experts are investigating the impact of Information Technology during teaching and learning processes. The certainty that these new learning environments have the potential to widen options and opportunities for teachers and learners is widespread universally. In Greece, a school learning environment is like the old traditional one and during teaching and learning at school the use of Internet in classroom is not common at all. This paper points how to provide through Internet tools, services, and resources that will facilitate and enrich the classroom operation without disturbing or altering the current education system. KEYWORDS Internet and learning, computer based learning
Paraskevi Mentzelou, Tanya Kyriakidou, Veronica Sa
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Paraskevi Mentzelou, Tanya Kyriakidou, Veronica Samara, Efi Petrovitsou, Konstantinos Kontogiannidis
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