Identity-Based Hybrid Signcryption

13 years 11 months ago
Identity-Based Hybrid Signcryption
—Signcryption is a cryptographic primitive that fulfills both the functions of digital signature and public key encryption simultaneously, at a cost significantly lower than that required by the traditional signature-then-encryption approach. In this paper, we address a question whether it is possible to construct a hybrid signcryption scheme in identity-based setting. This question seems to have never been addressed in the literature. We answer the question positively in this paper. In particular, we extend the concept of signcryption key encapsulation mechanism to the identity-based setting. We show that an identitybased signcryption scheme can be constructed by combining an identity-based signcryption key encapsulation mechanism with a data encapsulation mechanism. We also give an example of identity-based signcryption key encapsulation mechanism.
Fagen Li, Masaaki Shirase, Tsuyoshi Takagi
Added 19 May 2010
Updated 19 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Fagen Li, Masaaki Shirase, Tsuyoshi Takagi
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