Image Recoloring Induced by Palette Color Associations

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Image Recoloring Induced by Palette Color Associations
In this paper we present a non-interactive method for recoloring a destination image according to the color scheme found in a source image. The approach is motivated by trying to invert the working process employed in oil painting, and results are demonstrated by application to several well-known oil paintings. The algorithm uses several color models, but leans most heavily on the Lαβ color space. We first color segment each image bottomup by iteratively merging groups of pixels into connected regions of similar color. During color segmentation, a color “texture” tree is generated and associated to each region. Next, we construct classes of regions by compensating for color duplication and color similarity within the set of averaged color values obtained from regions. We extract a color palette for each image by choosing the colors of canonical region representatives from these classes. Once this palette is constructed for each image, any inverse map from the set of destination ...
G. R. Greenfield, D. H. House
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where WSCG
Authors G. R. Greenfield, D. H. House
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