Implementing e-Government in Spain

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Implementing e-Government in Spain
: New information and communication technologies within the Administration give rise to a series of important challenges: to select and use the various telematic and computer-relatedutilitiesandapplications that are most suitable for public management and to train civil servants on how to use these computer utilities and applications. The main aim of “e-Government” programmes in Spain is to create telematic administrative procedures that enable electronic documents to be telematically processed, recorded and filed in a unified system that may be used by various Administrations and entities. These procedures should also allow telematic consultations of administrative files and provide the possibility of receiving the information needed to carry out private transactions that require administrative documents. However, creating an “e-Government” demands that bureaucratic machines undergo the transformations necessary to control “e-Government” techniques and teach citizens to co...
José Luis Bermejo Latre
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Year 2003
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Authors José Luis Bermejo Latre
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