Impossible Boomerang Attack for Block Cipher Structures

14 years 26 days ago
Impossible Boomerang Attack for Block Cipher Structures
Impossible boomerang attack [5] (IBA) is a new variant of differential cryptanalysis against block ciphers. Evident from its name, it combines the ideas of both impossible differential cryptanalysis and boomerang attack. Though such an attack might not be the best attack available, its complexity is still less than that of the exhaustive search. In impossible boomerang attack, impossible boomerang distinguishers are used to retrieve some of the subkeys. Thus the security of a block cipher against IBA can be evaluated by impossible boomerang distinguishers. In this paper, we study the impossible boomerang distinguishers for block cipher structures whose round functions are bijective. Inspired by the U-method in [3], we provide an algorithm to compute the maximum length of impossible boomerang distinguishers for general block cipher structures, and apply the algorithm to known block cipher structures such as Nyberg’s generalized Feistel network, a generalized CAST256-like structure, ...
Jiali Choy, Huihui Yap
Added 27 May 2010
Updated 27 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Jiali Choy, Huihui Yap
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