Improved Query Performance with Variant Indexes

13 years 4 months ago
Improved Query Performance with Variant Indexes
: The read-mostly environment of data warehousing makes it possible to use more complex indexes to speed up queries than in situations where concurrent updatesare present. The current paper presents a short review of current indexing technology, including row-set representation by Bitmaps, and then introduces two approacheswe call Bit-Sliced indexing and Projection indexing. A Projection index materializes all values of a column in RID order, and a Bit-Sliced index essentially takes an orthogonal bit-by-bit view of the samedata. While someof these concepts started with the MODEL 204 product, and both Bit-Sliced and Projection indexing are now fully realized in SybaseIQ, this is the first rigorous examination of such indexing capabilities in the literature. We compare algorithms that become feasible with these variant index types against algorithms using more conventional indexes. The analysis demonstratesimportant performance advantagesfor variant indexes in sometypes of SQL aggregatio...
Patrick E. O'Neil, Dallan Quass
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Updated 07 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1997
Authors Patrick E. O'Neil, Dallan Quass
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