Improved Response-Time Analysis Calculations

13 years 10 months ago
Improved Response-Time Analysis Calculations
Schedulability analysis of fixed priority preemptive scheduled systems can be performed by calculating the worst-case response-time of the involved processes. The system is deemed schedulable if the calculated responsetime for each process is less than its corresponding deadline. It is desirable that the Response-Time Analysis (RTA) can be efficiently performed. This is particularly important in dynamic real-time systems when a fast response is needed to decide whether a new job can be accommodated, or when the RTA is extensively applied, e.g., when used to guide the heuristics in a higher level optimiser. This paper presents a set of methods to improve the efficiency of RTA calculations. The methods are proved correct, in the sense that they give the same results as traditional (non-improved) RTA. We also present an evaluation of the improvements, by applying them to the particularly time-consuming traffic model used in RTA for ATM communication networks. Our evaluation shows that th...
Mikael Sjödin, Hans Hansson
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Where RTSS
Authors Mikael Sjödin, Hans Hansson
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