Information Brokerage Via Location-Free Double Rulings

13 years 10 months ago
Information Brokerage Via Location-Free Double Rulings
The in-network aggregation and processing of information is what sets a sensor network apart from a pure data acquisition device. One way to model the exchange of information between the network nodes is to distinguish between nodes that are producers of information, i.e., those that have collected data, detected events, etc., and nodes that are consumers of information, i.e., nodes that seek data or events of certain types. In this paper we aim to support that exchange of information via a so-called information brokerage scheme. Main features of our proposed scheme are that 1) it works in a location-free setting where nodes are unaware of their geographic locations 2) it is robust to non-regular network topologies and 3) it does not require the information producers and consumers to know of each other. Our proposed scheme employs boundary detection algorithms which only quite recently have been developed to extract geometry and topology information even in location-free network deploy...
Stefan Funke, Imran Rauf
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Stefan Funke, Imran Rauf
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