The InfoSleuth Project

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The InfoSleuth Project
The goal of the InfoSleuth project at MCC is to exploit and synthesize new technologies into a uni ed system that retrieves and processes information in an ever-changing network of information sources. InfoSleuth has its roots in the Carnot project at MCC, which specialized in integrating heterogeneous information bases. However, recent emerging technologies such as internetworking and the World Wide Web have signi cantly expanded the types, availability, and volume of data available to an information management system. Furthermore, in these new environments, there is no formal control over the registration of new information sources, and applications tend to be developed without complete knowledge of the resources that will be available when they are run. Federated database projects such as Carnot that do static data integration do not scale up and do not cope well with this ever-changing environment. On the other hand, recent Web technologies, based on keyword search engines, are sc...
Roberto J. Bayardo Jr., William Bohrer, Richard S.
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Authors Roberto J. Bayardo Jr., William Bohrer, Richard S. Brice, Andrzej Cichocki, Jerry Fowler, Abdelsalam Helal, Vipul Kashyap, Tomasz Ksiezyk, Gale Martin, Marian H. Nodine, Mosfeq Rashid, Marek Rusinkiewicz, Ray Shea, C. Unnikrishnan, Amy Unruh, Darrell Woelk
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