Infoticles: Information Modeling in Immersive Environments

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Infoticles: Information Modeling in Immersive Environments
This paper introduces an immersive virtual reality application that allows users to browse and explore the contents of database systems. We have implemented a visualization metaphor that is based upon the intrinsic characteristics of particles, coined 'infoticles', which are used as representations of data objects. Users are able to interact with the dynamic, three-dimensional visualization by manipulating forces and surfaces. These tools, representing respectively user interests and data filters, influence the collection of infoticles according to the rules of Newtonian mechanics. Informational values are expressed through the presence of both dynamic and static characteristics such as motion, directionality, and form. We demonstrate these principles trough a prototype that uses our university’s financial budget data.
Andrew Vande Moere
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Type Conference
Year 2002
Where IV
Authors Andrew Vande Moere
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