An Integrated Grid Development Environment in Eclipse

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An Integrated Grid Development Environment in Eclipse
With the proliferation of Grid computing, a large number of computational resources are available for solving complex scientific and engineering problems. Nevertheless, it is non-trivial to write, deploy, and test Grid applications over heterogeneous and distributed resources. Further complicating matters, programmers may need to manually manage variations in source code due to resource heterogeneity. This paper presents an implementation of an integrated Grid development environment that leverages IBM’s Eclipse IDE and our application development framework, Worqbench. It provides novel tools to develop and debug Grid software. It regards resources as first-class objects in the IDE and allows tight integration between the test beds and the code development process. We discuss how the environment assists programmers in developing Grid applications.
Donny Kurniawan, David Abramson
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Donny Kurniawan, David Abramson
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