Integrating Distributed Simulation Objects

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Integrating Distributed Simulation Objects
Creating comprehensive simulation models can be expensive and time consuming. This paper discusses our efforts to develop a general methodology that will allow users to quickly and efficiently create high fidelity simulation models by linking independent model objects distributed across the Internet or enterprise intranets. The result of linking these models is a model network that can be used to evaluate the aggregate performance of the system as well as investigate the interactions and performance of the individual component models. Our approach for creating a plug-and-play model integration environment is based on the principles of objectoriented programming and distributed object computing. Drawing on advances in language and network communication technology, we continue to refine an early proof-of-concept prototype called ENVISION (ENVironment for Integrating Simulation models Interactively Over Networks). The primary objective is to create a testbed system that will help us bett...
Joseph A. Heim
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Type Conference
Year 1997
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Authors Joseph A. Heim
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