Interactive physically-based shape editing

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Interactive physically-based shape editing
We present an alternative approach to standard geometric shape editing using physically-based simulation. With our technique, the user can deform complex objects in real-time. The basis of our method is formed by a fast and accurate finite element implementation of an elasto-plastic material model, specifically designed for interactive shape manipulation. Using quadratic shape functions, we reduce approximation errors inherent to methods based on linear finite elements. The physical simulation uses a volume mesh comprised of quadratic tetrahedra, which are constructed from a coarser approximation of the detailed surface. In order to guarantee stability and real-time frame rates during the simulation, we cast the elasto-plastic problem into a linear formulation. For this purpose, we present a corotational formulation for quadratic finite elements. We demonstrate the versatility of our approach in interactive manipulation sessions and show that our animation system can be coupled with f...
Johannes Mezger, Bernhard Thomaszewski, Simon Pabs
Added 15 Dec 2010
Updated 15 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2008
Where SMA
Authors Johannes Mezger, Bernhard Thomaszewski, Simon Pabst, Wolfgang Straßer
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