Interpreting SWRL Rules in RDF Graphs

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Interpreting SWRL Rules in RDF Graphs
An unresolved issue in SWRL (the Semantic Web Rule Language) is whether the intended semantics of its RDF representation can be described as an extension of the W3C RDF semantics. In this paper we propose to make the model-theoretic semantics of SWRL compatible with RDF by interpreting SWRL rules in RDF graphs. For dealing with SWRL/RDF rules, we regard `Implies' as an OWL class, and extract all `Implies' rules from an RDF database that represents a SWRL knowledge base. Each `Implies' rule is grounded through mappings built into the semantic conditions of the model theory. Based on the fixpoint semantics, a bottom-up strategy is employed to compute the least Herbrand models.
Jing Mei, Harold Boley
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Type Journal
Year 2006
Authors Jing Mei, Harold Boley
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