Introducing Dynamic Prior Knowledge to Partially-Blurred Image Restoration

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Introducing Dynamic Prior Knowledge to Partially-Blurred Image Restoration
Abstract. The paper presents an unsupervised method for partiallyblurred image restoration without influencing unblurred regions or objects. Maximum a posteriori estimation of parameters in Bayesian regularization is equal to minimizing energy of a dataset for a given number of classes. To estimate the point spread function (PSF), a parametric model space is introduced to reduce the searching uncertainty for PSF model selection. Simultaneously, PSF self-initializing does not rely on supervision or thresholds. In the image domain, a gradient map as a priori knowledge is derived not only for dynamically choosing nonlinear diffusion operators but also for segregating blurred and unblurred regions via an extended graph-theoretic method. The cost functions with respect to the image and the PSF are alternately minimized in a convex manner. The algorithm is robust in that it can handle images that are formed in variational environments with different blur and stronger noise.
Hongwei Zheng, Olaf Hellwich
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Updated 13 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Where DAGM
Authors Hongwei Zheng, Olaf Hellwich
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