Isosurface Computation Made Simple

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Isosurface Computation Made Simple
This paper presents a simple approach for rendering isosurfaces of a scalar field. Using the vertex programming capability of commodity graphics cards, we transfer the cost of computing an isosurface from the Central Processing Unit (CPU), running the main application, to the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), rendering the images. We consider a tetrahedral decomposition of the domain and draw one quadrangle (quad) primitive per tetrahedron. A vertex program transforms the quad into the piece of isosurface within the tetrahedron (see Figure 2). In this way, the main application is only devoted to streaming the vertices of the tetrahedra from main memory to the graphics card. For adaptively refined rectilinear grids, the optimization of this streaming process leads to the definition of a new 3D space-filling curve, which generalizes the 2D Sierpinski curve used for efficient rendering of triangulated terrains. We maintain the simplicity of the scheme when constructing view-dependent adapt...
Valerio Pascucci
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Valerio Pascucci
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