ISP-friendly peer selection in P2P networks

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ISP-friendly peer selection in P2P networks
Peer-to-peer (P2P) multicast is a scalable solution adopted by many video streaming systems. However, a prevalence of P2P applications has caused heavy traffic on the Internet. While P2P streaming users enjoy high-quality online video, the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) may experience large expenditure because of cross-ISP traffic. To reduce this traffic, it has been suggested that ISPs cooperate with P2P systems by exposing information about the networking layer to guide the topology construction. In this paper, we propose a novel peer selection algorithm that leverages the ISPs’ service to form a local clustering topology through gossip communication. Additionally, this algorithm is adaptive to prevent peers from being trapped in a local cluster where they cannot obtain an adequate streaming rate. Categories and Subject Descriptors C.4 [Performance of Systems]: Modeling techniques General Terms Algorithms, Measurement, Performance Keywords Peer selection, ISP-friendly, strea...
Zhijie Shen, Roger Zimmermann
Added 28 May 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2009
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Authors Zhijie Shen, Roger Zimmermann
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