Jill (Just-in-Location Learning)

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Jill (Just-in-Location Learning)
Wireless technologies are poised to bring major changes in the information infrastructure, transforming communications and facilitating information retrieval. Over the next several years, use of wireless technologies is expected to grow dramatically as the cost of both equipment and services fall. With the proliferation of mobile devices there will be a growing demand for "What I need when I need it" (WINWINI) applications. Location Based Services (LBS), which make use of the geographical location of a mobile device, are filling that need. LBS utilize existing location technologies, such as Geographical Positioning Systems (GPS), for knowing where a network user is geographically located.given rise to a new educational paradigm that has its roots in situated cognition, distance learning, autonomous learning, situational learning and inquiry-based learning. The new paradigm, "Just-In-Location Learning" (JILL) will empower lifelong learners to acquire knowledge based...
Joaquin Ruiz, Susan Wheeler
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Joaquin Ruiz, Susan Wheeler
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