A Join Index for XML Data Warehouses

12 years 8 months ago
A Join Index for XML Data Warehouses
XML data warehouses form an interesting basis for decision-support applications that exploit complex data. However, native-XML database management systems (DBMSs) currently bear limited performances and it is necessary to research for ways to optimize them. In this paper, we propose a new join index that is specifically adapted to the multidimensional architecture of XML warehouses. It eliminates join operations while preserving the information contained in the original warehouse. A theoretical study and experimental results demonstrate the efficiency of our join index. They also show that native XML DBMSs can compete with XML-compatible, relational DBMSs when warehousing and analyzing XML data. Keywords XML data warehouses, performance, XML join index, XQuery.
Hadj Mahboubi, Kamel Aouiche, Jérôme
Added 25 Jan 2011
Updated 25 Jan 2011
Type Journal
Year 2008
Where CORR
Authors Hadj Mahboubi, Kamel Aouiche, Jérôme Darmont
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