JPEG2000-based secure image authentication

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JPEG2000-based secure image authentication
We present an efficient JPEG2000-based image authentication scheme, which is robust to JPEG compression and other allowed signal processing operations. Positive wavelet-based watermarking approaches proposed in recent years are enhanced by image adaptive perceptual modeling and error correction coding. Our new method is secure in contrast to most of the schemes proposed so far. Lots of popular features of the JPEG2000 compression framework are supported, such as quality and resolution scalability, lossless image rotation and flipping. All coefficients of the wavelet decomposition are protected using our new extended scalar quantization and hashing scheme. We show that error correction coding yields impressive robustness improvements of the embedded image content dependent signature without raising a security gap. Further, we introduce a technique to remove the embedded information during the decompression process and thus to improve the image quality during, e.g., visualization. The f...
Mathias Schlauweg, Dima Pröfrock, Erika M&uum
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Mathias Schlauweg, Dima Pröfrock, Erika Müller
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