k-anycast routing schemes for mobile ad hoc networks

13 years 10 months ago
k-anycast routing schemes for mobile ad hoc networks
— Anycast is a communication paradigm that was first introduced to the suit of routing protocols in IPv6 networks. In anycast, a packet is intended to be delivered to one of the nearest group hosts. k-anycast, however, is proposed to deliver a packet to any threshold k members of a set of hosts. In this paper, we propose three k-anycast routing schemes for mobile ad hoc networks. Our research work is motivated by the distributed key management services using threshold cryptography in mobile ad hoc networks in which the certification authority’s functionality is distributed to any k servers. However, security is not the main focus of this paper. Our goal is to reduce the routing control messages and network delay to reach any k servers. The first scheme is called controlled flooding. The increase of flooding radius is based on the number of responses instead of increasing radius linearly or exponentially. The second scheme, called component-based scheme I, is to form multiple c...
Bing Wu, Jie Wu
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where IPPS
Authors Bing Wu, Jie Wu
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