Kernel-based distance metric learning for microarray data classification

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Kernel-based distance metric learning for microarray data classification
Background: The most fundamental task using gene expression data in clinical oncology is to classify tissue samples according to their gene expression levels. Compared with traditional pattern classifications, gene expression-based data classification is typically characterized by high dimensionality and small sample size, which make the task quite challenging. Results: In this paper, we present a modified K-nearest-neighbor (KNN) scheme, which is based on learning an adaptive distance metric in the data space, for cancer classification using microarray data. The distance metric, derived from the procedure of a data-dependent kernel optimization, can substantially increase the class separability of the data and, consequently, lead to a significant improvement in the performance of the KNN classifier. Intensive experiments show that the performance of the proposed kernel-based KNN scheme is competitive to those of some sophisticated classifiers such as support vector machines (SVMs) an...
Huilin Xiong, Xue-wen Chen
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Type Journal
Year 2006
Authors Huilin Xiong, Xue-wen Chen
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