Kernel Plugins: When a VM Is Too Much

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Kernel Plugins: When a VM Is Too Much
This paper presents kernel plugins, a framework for dynamic kernel specialization inspired by ideas borrowed from virtualization research. Plugins can be created and updated inexpensively on-the-fly and they can execute arbitrary user-supplied functions such that neither safety nor performance are compromised. Three key techniques are used to implement kernel plugins: (1) hardware fault isolation, (2) dynamic code generation, and (3) dynamic linking. Hardware fault isolation protects kernel-level services from plugin misbehavior, dynamic code generation enables rapid online creation of arbitrary plugins, and dynamic linking governs the kernel/plugin interface. We discuss the design and implementation of the kernel plugin facility, as well as its advantages and shortcomings. Its use is demonstrated by a range of microand macro-benchmarks and a real-life application featuring plugins that dynamically transcode images served by a high-performance kernel web server. Benefits realized from...
Ivan B. Ganev, Greg Eisenhauer, Karsten Schwan
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Updated 31 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2004
Where JVM
Authors Ivan B. Ganev, Greg Eisenhauer, Karsten Schwan
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