Knowledge-Intensive Case-Based Reasoning in CREEK

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Knowledge-Intensive Case-Based Reasoning in CREEK
Knowledge-intensive CBR assumes that cases are enriched with general domain knowledge. In CREEK, there is a very strong coupling between cases and general domain knowledge, in that cases are embedded within a general domain model. This increases the knowledge-intensiveness of the cases themselves. A knowledge-intensive CBR method calls for powerful knowledge acquisition and modeling techniques, as well as machine learning methods that take advantage of the general knowledge represented in the system. The focusing theme of the paper is on cases as knowledge within a knowledgeintensive CBR method. This is made concrete by relating it to the CREEK architecture and system, both in general terms, and through a set of example projects where various aspects of this theme have been studied.
Agnar Aamodt
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Agnar Aamodt
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