Large Scale Query Log Analysis of Re-Finding

13 years 11 months ago
Large Scale Query Log Analysis of Re-Finding
Although Web search engines are targeted towards helping people find new information, people regularly use them to re-find Web pages they have seen before. Researchers have noted the existence of this phenomenon, but relatively little is understood about how re-finding behavior differs from the finding of new information. This paper dives deeply into the differences via analysis of three large-scale data sources: 1) query logs (queries, clicks, result impressions), 2) Web browsing logs (URL visits), and 3) a daily Web crawl (page content). It appears that people learn valuable information about the pages they find that helps them re-find what they are looking for later; compared to the initial finding query, re-finding queries are typically shorter, and rank the re-found URL higher. While many instances of refinding probably serve as a type of bookmark for a known URL, others seem to represent the resumption of a previous task; results clicked at the end of a session are more likely t...
Jaime Teevan, Sarah K. Tyler
Added 01 Mar 2010
Updated 02 Mar 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Where WSDM
Authors Jaime Teevan, Sarah K. Tyler
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