Lazy Learning of Bayesian Rules

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Lazy Learning of Bayesian Rules
The naive Bayesian classifier provides a simple and effective approach to classifier learning, but its attribute independence assumption is often violated in the real world. A number of approaches have sought to alleviate this problem. A Bayesian tree learning algorithm builds a decision tree, and generates a local naive Bayesian classifier at each leaf. The tests leading to a leaf can alleviate attribute inter-dependencies for the local naive Bayesian classifier. However, Bayesian tree learning still suffers from the small disjunct problem of tree learning. While inferred Bayesian trees demonstrate low average prediction error rates, there is reason to believe that error rates will be higher for those leaves with few training examples. This paper proposes the application of lazy learning techniques to Bayesian tree induction and presents the resulting lazy Bayesian rule learning algorithm, called Lbr. This algorithm can be justified by a variant of Bayes theorem which supports a weake...
Zijian Zheng, Geoffrey I. Webb
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Type Journal
Year 2000
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Authors Zijian Zheng, Geoffrey I. Webb
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