Learning-Based Negotiation Strategies for Grid Scheduling

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Learning-Based Negotiation Strategies for Grid Scheduling
One of the key requirement for Grid infrastructures is the ability to share resources with nontrivial qualities of service. However, resource management in a decentralized infrastructure is a complex task as it has to cope with different policies and objectives of the different resource providers and the resource users. Recent research indicate that agreement-based resource management will solve many of these problems as it supports the reliable interaction of different providers and users. Here, negotiation is needed to create such bi-lateral agreements between Grid parties. Such a negotiation process should be automated with no or minimal human interaction, considering the potential scale of Grid systems and the amount of necessary transactions. Therefore, strategic negotiation models play an important role. In this paper, a negotiation model and a learning-based negotiation strategy are proposed and examined. Simulations have been conducted to evaluate the presented system. The res...
Jiadao Li, Ramin Yahyapour
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Jiadao Li, Ramin Yahyapour
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