Limitations of equation-based congestion control

13 years 8 months ago
Limitations of equation-based congestion control
We study limitations of an equation-based congestion control protocol, called TFRC (TCP Friendly Rate Control). It examines how the three main factors that determine TFRC throughput, namely, the TCP friendly equation, loss event rate estimation and delay estimation, can influence the longterm throughput imbalance between TFRC and TCP. Especially, we show that different sending rates of competing flows cause these flows to experience different loss event rates. There are several fundamental reasons why TFRC and TCP flows have different average sending rates, from the first place. Earlier work shows that the convexity of the TCP friendly equation used in TFRC causes the sending rate difference. We report two additional reasons in this paper: (1) the convexity of 1/x where x is a loss event period and (2) different RTO (retransmission timeout period) estimations of TCP and TFRC. These factors can be the reasons for TCP and TFRC to experience initially different sending rates. B...
Injong Rhee, Lisong Xu
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Injong Rhee, Lisong Xu
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