On-line Randomized Call Control Revisited

13 years 7 months ago
On-line Randomized Call Control Revisited
We consider the problem of on-line call admission and routing on trees and meshes. Previous work gave randomized on-line algorithms for these problems and proved that they have optimal (up to constant factors) competitive ratios. However, these algorithms can obtain very low profit with high probability. We investigate the question of devising for these problems on-line competitive algorithms that also guarantee a "good" solution with "good" probability. We give a new family of randomized algorithms with asymptotically optimal competitive ratios and "good" probability to get a profit close to the expectation. We complement these results by providing bounds on the probability of any optimally competitive randomized on-line algorithm for the problems we consider to get a profit close to the expectation. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study of the relationship between the tail distribution and the competitive ratio of randomized on-line benef...
Stefano Leonardi, Alberto Marchetti-Spaccamela, Al
Added 01 Nov 2010
Updated 01 Nov 2010
Type Conference
Year 1998
Where SODA
Authors Stefano Leonardi, Alberto Marchetti-Spaccamela, Alessio Presciutti, Adi Rosén
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