Linking messages and form requests

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Linking messages and form requests
Large organizations with sophisticated infrastructures have large form-based systems that manage the interaction between the user community and the infrastructure. In many cases, when a user needs to complete a form to accomplish a task, the user e-mails a description of the task to the appropriate form expert. In many cases this description is incomplete and the expert engages in a clarification dialog to determine the details of the task. Since many tasks and descriptions are routine, this e-mail dialog can be replaced with an intelligent user interface. The interface proactively reads e-mail (or IM) messages and assists the user in completing the associated task without involving the expert. To ground our vision in a specific application, we have built an agent that functions as a webmaster assistant. For example, a user emails the request: “Change John Doe’s home phone number to 800555-1212” to the agent. The webmaster agent then replies with the biographical data form displ...
Anthony Tomasic, John Zimmerman, Isaac Simmons
Added 14 Jun 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where IUI
Authors Anthony Tomasic, John Zimmerman, Isaac Simmons
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