Local or Global 3D Face and Facial Feature Tracker

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Local or Global 3D Face and Facial Feature Tracker
We present in this paper a solution for 3D face and facial feature tracking using canonical correlation analysis and a 3D geometric model. This model is controlled with 17 parameters (6 for the 3D pose, and 11 for facial animation), and is used to crop out reference 2D shape free texture maps from the incoming input frames. Model parameters are updated via image registration in the texture map space. For registration, we use CCA to learn and exploit the dependency between texture residuals and model parameter corrections. We compare tracking results using two kinds of texture maps: one local (image patches around selected vertices of the 3D model), and one global (the whole image patch under the 3D model). Experiments evaluating the effectiveness on the approaches are reported.
Franck Davoine, José Alonso Ybá&ntil
Added 21 Oct 2009
Updated 27 Oct 2009
Type Conference
Year 2007
Where ICIP
Authors Franck Davoine, José Alonso Ybáñez Zepeda, Maurice Charbit
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