From Logic Programs Updates to Action Description Updates

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From Logic Programs Updates to Action Description Updates
An important branch of investigation in the field agents has been the definition of high level languages for representing effects of actions, the programs written in such languages being usually called action programs. Logic programming is an important area in the field of knowledge representation and some languages for specifying updates of Logic Programs had been defined. In this work we address the problem of establishing relationships between action programs and Logic Programming updates languages, particulary the newly defined Evolp language. Our investigation leads to the definition of a new paradigm for representing actions called Evolp action programs. We provide translations of some of the most known action description languages into Evolp action programs, and underline some peculiar features of this newly defined paradigm. One of such feature is that Evolp action programs can easily express changes in the very rules of the domains, including rules describing changes.
José Júlio Alferes, Federico Banti,
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Updated 30 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors José Júlio Alferes, Federico Banti, Antonio Brogi
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