A Logical Paradigm for Systems Biology (Invited Talk)

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A Logical Paradigm for Systems Biology (Invited Talk)
[6]. An SBML model can be interpreted in Biocham at three abstraction levels: • the Boolean semantics (asynchronuous Boolean state transitions on the presence/absence of molecules), • the continuous semantics (ODE on molecular concentration), • the stochastic semantics (CTMC on numbers of molecules). ean semantics is the most abstract one, it can be used to analyse large interaction networks without known kinetics. These formal semantics have been related in the frameabstract interpretation in [5], showing for instance that the Boolean semantics is action of the stochastic semantics, i.e. that the possible stochastic behaviors can be 1998 ACM Subject Classification: algorithm, theory,verification. Key words and phrases: temporal logic, model-checking, systems biology, hybrid systems. c F. Fages CC Creative Commons Non-Commercial No Derivatives License Technical Communications of the 26th International Conference on Logic Programming, Edinburgh, July, 2010 Editors: Manuel Hermen...
François Fages
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