On Lookahead and Latent Learning in Simple LCS

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On Lookahead and Latent Learning in Simple LCS
Learning Classifier Systems use evolutionary algorithms to facilitate rule- discovery, where rule fitness is traditionally payoff based and assigned under a sharing scheme. Most current research has shifted to the use of an accuracy-based scheme where fitness is based on a rule’s ability to predict the expected payoff from its use. Learning Classifier Systems which build anticipations of the expected states following their actions are also a focus of current research. This paper presents a simple but effective learning classifier system of this last type, using payoff-based fitness, with the aim of enabling the exploration of their basic principles, i.e., in isolation from the many other mechanisms they usually contain. The system is described and modeled, before being implemented. Comparisons to an equivalent accuracy-based system show similar performance. The use of self-adaptive mutation in such systems in general is then considered. Categories and Subject Descriptors I.2.8 [Arti...
Larry Bull
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