Loosely-Coupled Process Automation in Medical Environments

13 years 3 months ago
Loosely-Coupled Process Automation in Medical Environments
Abstract. We discuss a case study for the hospital scenario where workflow model components are distributed across various computers or devices (e.g. mobile phones, PDAs, sensors, RFID tags). By using the concept of loosely-coupled processes we want to enable computerization of manually performed ad hoc medical tasks. That could decrease time, cost and resource consumption in a hospital. The challenges of loosely coupled process composition include: the requirement to manage flexibly the process logic, the need to overcome a heterogeneous software and hardware environment, and the management of the application domain (e.g. structure of organization, resources). The main question we address is what are the functional limitations and possibilities of current process composition approaches? In response to this question we describe and discuss the capabilities of Web service technologies. In addition, we sketch a plan to overcome these limitations. Finally, we propose a process composition...
Jurate Vysniauskaite
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Jurate Vysniauskaite
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