Lossless Compression of Already Compressed Textures

12 years 4 months ago
Lossless Compression of Already Compressed Textures
Texture compression helps rendering by reducing the footprint in graphics memory, thus allowing for more textures, and by lowering the number of memory accesses between the graphics processor and memory, increasing performance and lowering power consumption. Compared to image compression methods like JPEG however, textures codecs are typically much less efficient, which is a problem when downloading the texture over a network or reading it from disk. Therefore, in this paper we investigate lossless compression of already compressed textures. By predicting compression parameters in the image domain instead of in the parameter domain, a more efficient representation is obtained compared to using general compression such as ZIP or LZMA. This works well also for pixel indices that have previously proved hard to compress. A 4-bit-perpixel format can thus be compressed to around 2.3 bits per pixel (bpp), or 9.6% of the original size, compared to around 3.0 bpp when using ZIP or 2.8 bpp us...
Jacob Ström, Per Wennersten
Added 19 Dec 2011
Updated 19 Dec 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Where EGH
Authors Jacob Ström, Per Wennersten
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