Lower bounds for k-DNF resolution on random 3-CNFs

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Lower bounds for k-DNF resolution on random 3-CNFs
We prove exponential lower bounds for the refutation of a random 3-CNF with linear number of clauses by k-DNF Resolution for k log n/ log log n. For this we design a specially tailored random restrictions that preserve the structure of the input random 3-CNF while mapping every k-DNF with large covering number to 1 with high probability. Next we make use of the switching lemma for small restrictions by Segerlind, Buss and Impagliazzo to prove the lower bound. This work improves the previously known lower bound for Res(2) system on random 3CNFs by Atserias, Bonet and Esteban and the result of Segerlind, Buss, Impagliazzo stating that random O(k2 )-CNF do not possess short Res(k) refutations.
Michael Alekhnovich
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Updated 03 Dec 2009
Type Conference
Year 2005
Where STOC
Authors Michael Alekhnovich
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