MAC and UML for secure software design

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MAC and UML for secure software design
Security must be a first class citizen in the design of large scale, interacting, software applications, at early and all stages of the lifecycle, for accurate and precise policy definition, authorization, authentication, enforcement, and assurance. One of the dominant players in software design is the unified modeling language, UML, a language for specifying, visualizing, constructing and documenting software artifacts. In UML, diagrams provide alternate perspectives for different stakeholders, e.g.: use case diagrams for the interaction of users with system components, class diagrams for the static classes and relationships among them, and sequence diagrams for the dynamic behavior of instances of the class diagram. However, UML's support for the definition of security requirements for these diagrams and their constituent elements (e.g., actors, systems, use cases, classes, instances, include/extend/generalize relationships, methods, data, etc.) is lacking. In this paper, we ad...
Thuong Doan, Steven A. Demurjian, T. C. Ting, Andr
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where CCS
Authors Thuong Doan, Steven A. Demurjian, T. C. Ting, Andreas Ketterl
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