Manifold-ranking based image retrieval

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Manifold-ranking based image retrieval
In this paper, we propose a novel transductive learning framework named manifold-ranking based image retrieval (MRBIR). Given a query image, MRBIR first makes use of a manifold ranking algorithm to explore the relationship among all the data points in the feature space, and then measures relevance between the query and all the images in the database accordingly, which is different from traditional similarity metrics based on pair-wise distance. In relevance feedback, if only positive examples are available, they are added to the query set to improve the retrieval result; if examples of both labels can be obtained, MRBIR discriminately spreads the ranking scores of positive and negative examples, considering the asymmetry between these two types of images. Furthermore, three active learning methods are incorporated into MRBIR, which select images in each round of relevance feedback according to different principles, aiming to maximally improve the ranking result. Experimental results o...
Jingrui He, Mingjing Li, HongJiang Zhang, Hanghang
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where MM
Authors Jingrui He, Mingjing Li, HongJiang Zhang, Hanghang Tong, Changshui Zhang
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