Massive Stochastic Testing of SQL

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Massive Stochastic Testing of SQL
Deterministic testing of SQL database systems is human intensive and cannot adequately cover the SQL input domain. A system (RAGS), was built to stochastically generate valid SQL statements 1 million times faster than a human and execute them. 1 Testing SQL is Hard Good test coverage for commercial SQL database systems is very hard. The input domain, all SQL statements, from any number of users, combined with all states of the database, is gigantic. It is also difficult to verify output for positive tests because the semantics of SQL are complicated.' Software engineering technology exists to predictably improve quality ([Bei90] for example). The techniques involve a software development process including unit tests and final system validation tests (to verify the absence of bugs). This process requires a substantial investment so commercial SQL vendors with tight schedules tend to use a more ad hoc process. The most popular method' is rapid development followed by test-repa...
Donald R. Slutz
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Year 1998
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Authors Donald R. Slutz
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