Mathematical applications of inductive logic programming

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Mathematical applications of inductive logic programming
The application of Inductive Logic Programming to scientific datasets has been highly successful. Such applications have led to breakthroughs in the domain of interest and have driven the development of ILP systems. The application of AI techniques to mathematical discovery tasks, however, has largely involved computer algebra systems and theorem provers rather than machine learning systems. We discuss here the application of the HR and Progol machine learning programs to discovery tasks in mathematics. While Progol is an established ILP system, HR has historically not been described as an ILP system. However, many applications of HR have required the production of first order hypotheses given data expressed in a Prolog-style manner, and the core functionality of HR can be expressed in ILP terminology. In (Colton, 2003), we presented the first partial description of HR as an ILP system, and we build on this work to provide a full description here. HR performs a novel ILP routine called...
Simon Colton, Stephen Muggleton
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Year 2006
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Authors Simon Colton, Stephen Muggleton
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