Matrix Computations Using Quasirandom Sequences

13 years 11 months ago
Matrix Computations Using Quasirandom Sequences
Abstract. The convergence of Monte Carlo method for numerical integration can often be improved by replacing pseudorandom numbers (PRNs) with more uniformly distributed numbers known as quasirandom numbers(QRNs). Standard Monte Carlo methods use pseudorandom sequences and provide a convergence rate of O(N-1/2 ) using N samples. Quasi-Monte Carlo methods use quasirandom sequences with the resulting convergence rate for numerical integration as good as O((logN)k )N-1 ). In this paper we study the possibility of using QRNs for computing matrix-vector products, solving systems of linear algebraic equations and calculating the extreme eigenvalues of matrices. Several algorithms using the same Markov chains with different random variables are described. We have shown, theoretically and through numerical tests, that the use of quasirandom sequences improves both the magnitude of the error and the convergence rate of the corresponding Monte Carlo methods. Numerical tests are performed on spars...
Michael Mascagni, Aneta Karaivanova
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Updated 25 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2000
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Authors Michael Mascagni, Aneta Karaivanova
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