Measuring Information Leakage Using Generalized Gain Functions

11 years 7 months ago
Measuring Information Leakage Using Generalized Gain Functions
Abstract—This paper introduces g-leakage, a rich generalization of the min-entropy model of quantitative information flow. In g-leakage, the benefit that an adversary derives from a certain guess about a secret is specified using a gain function g. Gain functions allow a wide variety of operational scenarios to be modeled, including those where the adversary benefits from guessing a value close to the secret, guessing a part of the secret, guessing a property of the secret, or guessing the secret within some number of tries. We prove important properties of g-leakage, including bounds between min-capacity, g-capacity, and Shannon capacity. We also show a deep connection between a strong leakage ordering on two channels, C1 and C2, and the possibility of factoring C1 into C2C3, for some C3. Based on this connection, we propose a generalization of the Lattice of Information from deterministic to probabilistic channels.
Mário S. Alvim, Konstantinos Chatzikokolaki
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Type Journal
Year 2012
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Authors Mário S. Alvim, Konstantinos Chatzikokolakis, Catuscia Palamidessi, Geoffrey Smith
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