Measuring visual consistency in 3d rendering systems

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Measuring visual consistency in 3d rendering systems
One of the major challenges facing a present day game development company is the removal of bugs from such complex virtual environments. This work presents an approach for measuring the correctness of synthetic scenes generated by a rendering system of a 3D application, such as a computer game. Our approach builds a database of labelled point clouds representing the spatiotemporal colour distribution for the objects present in a sequence of bug-free frames. This is done by converting the position that the pixels take over time into the 3D equivalent points with associated colours. Once the space of labelled points is built, each new image produced from the same game by any rendering system can be analysed by measuring its visual inconsistency in terms of distance from the database. Objects within the scene can be relocated (manually or by the application engine); yet the algorithm is able to perform the image analysis in terms of the 3D structure and colour distribution of samples on ...
Alfredo Nantes, Ross Brown, Frédéric
Added 12 May 2011
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Type Journal
Year 2010
Where ACSC
Authors Alfredo Nantes, Ross Brown, Frédéric Maire
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