MediaDART: A Decentralized Framework for Sharing Multimedia Content

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MediaDART: A Decentralized Framework for Sharing Multimedia Content
This paper provides an overview of MediaDART, a framework for building online services for distributing and sharing digital media. Inspired by the participative model of Web 2.0, MediaDART relies on a scalable and decentralized architecture that can grow with the contribution of users. The architecture is based on an arbitrary number of nodes interconnected through a p2p network implementing a distributed hash table (DHT). The DHT provides resource storage and parallel resource processing for operations of feature extraction, adaptation and composition. MediaDART adopts application-level multicast based on distribution trees for delivery in streaming and implements algorithms to dynamically replicate resources across the network. The framework allows content description through user-defined tags. Tools for personalized content retrieval based on recommendation algorithms and user profiling are included too. This paper also describes two prototype applications and outlines further work...
Maurizio Agelli, Orlando Murru
Added 29 May 2010
Updated 29 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where C5
Authors Maurizio Agelli, Orlando Murru
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