Metrics for effective information visualization

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Metrics for effective information visualization
Metrics for information visualization will help designers create and evaluate 3D information visualizations. Based on experience from 60+ 3D information visualizations, the metrics we propose are: To quantify these differences, similar visualizations were compared, differences discussed, models proposed and then measured. The metric was applied to other internal visualizations where possible to test generalization. • number of data points and data density; • number of dimensions and cognitive overhead; • occlusion percentage; and • reference context and percentage of identifiable points. These metrics assume: • A static image of the scene. Although 3D visualizations can be viewed from many angles, users create printouts and images attached to emails, thus losing the benefits of 3D scene navigation. Further, novices tend to use 3D navigation sparingly until they become comfortable with the navigation interface and the representation. We therefore advocate using the “best vi...
Richard Brath
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Year 1997
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