The Migration of Mobile Agent Using the Object Replication

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The Migration of Mobile Agent Using the Object Replication
The migration method of a mobile agent affects the entire performance of the distributed system. Most of the existing migration methods have the slow-witted structures due to the fixed order migration that cause the subsequent accumulation of the task results. They can induce various problems such as the failure of host, network obstacles, service absence, and increased traffic resulting in the inefficient operation of the mobile agent. In this paper, we propose the new migration method using the object replication to solve these problems. The proposed model is simply composed of three components: the Mobile Agent Client, Naming Agent Server, and Mobile Agent Server. The Mobile Agent Client performs the object replication according to the furnished object information (the number of replication) from the Naming Service Management Module. The main function of the naming service given by the naming agent is to provide information regarding the object replication and the location transpar...
Yonsik Lee, Jeongsu Lee
Added 05 Mar 2011
Updated 05 Mar 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Yonsik Lee, Jeongsu Lee
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